simple questions – wrong answers

Welcome to Shaw Pharmacy. What can I help with?

“I just flew in from Florida … .”

“Were you dropping off or picking up a prescription?

“Well, it’s complicated.  The prescription was originally filled in Florida, but I requested it to be filled here.  I just landed in Traverse.  My flight was … .”

“So, you’re picking up a prescription.  What is the last name?”

“Elisabeth Meyer. Elisabeth spelled with an -s not a -z. I was named after my great-grandmother.  But I go by Beth.  My really close friends call me Liza.”

“There are two prescriptions ready for Elisabeth Meyer.”

“Is it spelled with that -s? Someone tried to change it once and I got really upset.  My granny… .”

“Verify the address or date of birth.”

“Well, what address do you have?  I have three houses you know.  One here, one in Boston and I just flew … .”

“Then, verify the date of birth.

“Silly, that’s embarrassing.  You never ask a woman her age.”

“Well, you know, the address question seemed so complicated and identity needs to be verified.  Fortunately, your date of birth n-e-v-e-r changes.”*

“Hmp.  May 11, 1955.”


*insert:  , bitch.  Silently, of course.

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