My Favorite Posts 2017

Another blog year has come and gone.  It’s been good, though.  In general, I still hate 2017.  But as far as my  blog is concerned,  … .  Yeah, It’s been good.

I must’ve been hungry this past ‘year’.  Real hungry.  Cast iron skillet corn bread, chocolate cake, pistachio cake, ramp pesto all made the Random Nonsense topics of postdom.   Hell, even a staple kitchen appliance was highlighted. Though the Aug 26, 2016 oven ready didn’t make the annual cut.  Yes, it contained the recipe for my children’s favorite cake.  But, my MasterCard ‘hood’ moment focused too much on that damn stove my neighbor had in front of his garage.  Since I strive to keep as balanced as possible, the oven was turned OFF.

In 2016, I had a lot of Ode and MasterCard moments. This year – not as much.  Remember, my goal is to keep it fresh and readable.

That being said, I present my annual recap of posted musings.

Sept 10, 2016     a poem written by my mother     what better way to start things off than a poem to celebrate my mother. Well, her poetry skills.  And, it’s about Autumn – very timely, I might add.

Oct 18, 2016       In Pizza We Crust   With sign lady ‘retired’, I may need to look elsewhere for inspiration.  Plus, I think the marquee thing may be getting old. What about … bumper stickers? Hmm… . But I must say, pairing each  marquee entry up with a song or commercial was fun.

Nov 01, 2016      PBJ     this is more a daily ritual then anything.  Therefore, it’s inclusion was mandated.

Nov 09, 2016      as seen on T.V.
Nov 13, 2016       couch potato therapy session     comparing your spouse to the static on the television set is an ultimate, yet classic burn.  No therapist can fix that shit.

Jan 10, 2017        the cast iron skillet     still love my cast iron skillet.  Now that it’s fall,  it’s time to get the lead out and cook again.  Or would that be iron?

Feb 24, 2017        chipped off     this damn chip thing has been around for close to a year now.  People are STILL clueless AND stupid.

April 14, 2017      a condiment conundrum     I guess my son was eating at a restaurant recently.   The steak was so good, he didn’t even have to use ketchup.  No comment!

May 05, 2017       7 things I hate because of others     Damn birds.  Did anyone notice that the pharmacist in the ‘Next’ video included in  TMI (July 25, 2017)  had a mustache?  Oh, the irony, eh.  By the way, it was intentional.

June 01, 2017      MasterCard Moment – only in this ‘hood  
June 07, 2017      creature comfort concerns      Yes, the stove is gone.  Though my neighbor decided to plant a tomato garden – in the middle of his LAWN.  Once again, no comment.

 Aug 01, 2017        Ode to Highway signs     an Ode has to make it into every year in review.  Besides, this was kinda my anthem to travel hockey.  It’s all good.

Contrary to my postal hunger cravings, I’ve gained little weight.  I still exercise –  A LOT.  Though none of my fitness fueled posts made this blog in review cut.  Maybe 2018?

Thanks for reading.

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