another random, but very applicable question

An old classmate from Pharmacy school just had his annual review.  In short, it was a total cluster.  But aren’t they all.  Why on earth would your supervisor ever tell you you are doing a good job?

From what I understand, the main contention the supervisor had with my friend was that he was, and I quote, “resistant to change”.

You all realize how much I am refraining to rant incessantly on this.  I mean I did write a novel on similar corporate bullshit.  But I decided to take the high road and approach this … objectively. 

What exactly is the definition of resistant to change?   

Resistance to Change

The adoption of innovations involves altering human behavior, and the acceptance of change. There is a natural resistance to change for several reasons.

People resist change:

When the reason for the change is unclear.

When the proposed users have not been consulted about the change, and it is offered to them as an accomplished fact. People like to know what’s going on, especially if their jobs may be affected. Informed workers tend to have higher levels of job satisfaction than uninformed workers.

When the benefits and rewards for making the change are not seen as adequate for the trouble involved.

There are more.  Hell, I think there are a couple of books on the subject – none as good as mine, of course.  Instead of taking the altruistc approach of being objective, I decided to comment.  Sorry.  I will be brief.

Resistant to change is a catch-all way to catagorize nonadherence to the latest inane company policy.  One that is certain to change in x amount of months when some ’suit’ gets another, different bug-up-their-ass.  

This IS retail pharmacy, folks.  Prescriptions still have to be filled. 

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