June 30, 2016

That is the date when my pharmacy license will expire.

Thirty hours of Continuing Education (C.E.) every two years is required to renew a pharmacy license. Being the organized, non-procrastinating, anal retentive person I am, I schedule my C.E. at regular intervals over that two year time frame to ensure a non-frenzied completion.  (Insert yawn)

Until now.

Currently, I have ZERO hours completed.  Honestly, I have only two potential lessons to speak of – which I barbarically ripped out of a monthly publication before I recycled the damn thing, mind you.  Those untouched articles continue to collect dust on a shelf somewhere in the pharmacy.

What’s the deal?

First of all, Continuing Education is just dumb.  I search articles for the answers to the questions without even reading the text. By the way, everyone does the same thing.  The 10 hours of ‘live’ credits required to continue to practice are completed on-line, listening to some tired, boring ass professional talk about the incidence of communicable diseases in The Villages, Florida.  Yes, that’s a fun little tidbit to share with friends, especially when drinking.  But to listen to Herpes statistics in the Senior Citizen population, … .  Ugh!

 Secondly, over the last few months my desire to be a New York Times Number One Best Selling Author may have been mentioned … once or twice.  Okay, okay.  Maybe it’s been three times.  I’ve lost count. Unfortunately, such an achievement can be a bit elusive.  Writing/publishing is just a wee bit different than, say, earning a business Masters to further your career path in the company .  All the degrees in the world can’t guarantee success in the publishing world.

Where the hell am I going with this?

No fucking clue. But, I’ve decided to be held accountable to that date.  June 30, 2016.  If continue to not continue with my Continuing Education, the decision is already made.  My license will expire and … .

My  Life  As  A  Retail  Pharmacist will truly be  non-Fictionalized memory.

Hmm … .

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