close shave

I am a shaver. Worse, I use disposable razor (insert – gasp) In my defense, I have tried a refillable cartridge type system. Once. It was a disaster. Throw all the shaving shade you want – I can take it.  I’m married. And, I work retail pharmacy. Oh, one additional little sideburn – I have never been a beard, dude. Even in November.
Yes, I realize the disadvantages and, more importantly, the environmental impact from this ghastly grooming ritual.
  • every single year, Americans throw away 2 billion disposable razors.
  • disposable razors can’t be recycled in the U.S. – translation: landfill – UGH!
  • Gillette, an American-based company, has its razor handles manufactured in China; blades are made in Sweden – so much for Made in the U.S.A, eh?! double UGH!
A few months ago, a razor/cartridge shit thing was on clearance. I’m talking under $2 clearance. Yeah, baby! Not only that –  it was a solid product. So, I decided to try it again.
I liked it. In fact, I have decided to dispose of my previous regimen. (pun so intended) I AM a changed man. Added bonus – the blades seem to last longer than disposables. Sweet.

Harry’s    …  make products for all men, thoughtfully. (whatever that’s supposed to mean)

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the products you use, so ours are designed to be effective and to provide a great experience.
I feel the need to qualify something. The clearance item I purchased was not a Harry’s product. Ever since I rediscovered the benefits of a cartridge razor, I became more astute to available products. Once I found out about this Harry’s stuff, I was convinced.
 Very cool.
When I decided to create this post, I felt responsible to do my due diligence and research a bit, hoping a recycled product was available. Thankfully, my search was not in vain – Preserve Products
America Company, Preserve Productscan provide a more environmentally friendly option than the average disposable razor. One hundred percent recycled, Preserve Products’ triple razor system razor handles are made from no. 5 (polypropylene plastics) from yogurt cups. It is BPA free and the handle can be recycled again through their Gimme 5 program. The lubricating strips on the disposable blades are predominantly made of aloe vera and Vitamin E oil and are vegan-friendly with a strict no animal testing policy.
Harry’s has some formidable competition. However, to abandon my newly purchased system would defeat the purpose of being environmentally conscious. Therefore, I will tuck that little blade of intel in this post to – wait for it –  Preserve my intention for future use.
That, and because if I don’t, I would just plain forget.
Happy grooming!
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