My Favorite Posts 2018

I’m a bit early this year with my annual postal review.  My actual anniversary is mid-July. So, if you want to get technical – I’m late. When a blog topic presents itself, I need to follow through; especially if it’s current. Thus, the inconsistency in timing issue.  After over 300 posts, you would think there would be some improvement. Sadly, no.

In 2018, I was more Random than ever. According to ICD-10 standards, my condition probably isn’t even categorized. Randomness in blogging isn’t that horrible of a malady – N53.9 is way worse. Trust me.

I drank a lot this past year.  Let me rephrase that. I posted information about various beverages – hard apple cider, champagne, carbonated specialty sodas.  People continue to tell me I need to practice what I … write?!

Good news – sign lady is back. I think she’s rusty, though.  Her signs have been pretty bad lately.  So, I’m still considering switching to other forms of ‘wisdom’.  My son is getting into bumper stickers. (Pause)  Please don’t judge.

Enough recap rambling.  On with the postal presentation.

Aug 29, 2017   Adam Thomas picked … (some fucking peppers)    Sorry about the ‘abbreviated’ title but I was lazy.  Long ‘twister’.  As far as the peppers are concerned, they were definitely purple.  And, fucking awesome.

Oct 18, 2017   CSI – Traverse City   Summer is here again and I’m running the bleachers.  Again. This year there are no concerns whatsoever. A new ticket booth is being constructed. Hence, the fence is torn down. No ‘alternative’ entrance required.

Oct 25, 2017   Schoolhouse Rock   Three really is a magic number.

Dec 01, 2017   the Christmas ‘pickle’   I don’t care about an extra present.  I want that lucky year.  Hell, at this stage in my life, I would be happy with, like, a day.

Dec 15, 2017   the unintentional post  was about a fellow employee who lost his daughter.  On Aug 02, 2018 I posted HawkScripts about two classmates that passed away.  Some things in Life really aren’t intended to happen. And, reality really does suck.

March 08, 2018   MasterCard Moment – In Pizza We Crust                                                                                      March 15, 2018   Ode to the Airliner   Considering HawkScripts was also Iowa based, I’m thinking I’m really missing my Iowa roots. Hmm.. .

March 29, 2018   Hair I go again   Damn! March was a solid month, eh? I ended up getting a haircut shortly after the post.  Barber Jeff is the ultimate barber dude.

May 24, 2018   Fatherly Advice?   Yes, that is a question mark.  Yes, my advice is still questionable. Yes, I am done.  Any questions?

June 21, 2018   Hopes and dreams of chickens everywhere  This was just fun.  Besides, it made my mother laugh.

July 26, 2018   In the shower   Well, the ‘shower idea’ that inspired this entry was finally acted upon.  It wasn’t foolproof. Remember, it’s me. But, I haven’t been made a fool of. Yet! Definitely a work in progress. More to come on that very soon.

Honorable mention –

Nov 15, 2017   Vidalia Onion Pie and Feb 09, 2018   soups on   Food was a recurring theme in 2017. Since, I’m still hungry in 2018, these needed to be … mentioned. Honorably. Anyway, these recipes really are fucking awesome even if there are no purple pepper pieces.

Thanks for another great ‘year’.

Keep calm and blog on!

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