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Sign Lady’s latest and worthiest maxim read The donut is the original hole food. While I totally love donuts, I totally don’t love this. So, I continued to look elsewhere for inspiration. It ain’t all bad. Especially considering, my bumper stickers, billboards, and bargains – oh my! post a few months back was just a blast – for me, at least.
This time, I wanted something that wasn’t a Blank Space. Luckily, I found it – a suitable billboard advertisement from Jake the Bald Butcher’s competitor (sorry, dude). A local liquor store had an interesting ‘thought’ about feelings, of all things (hmm … ). And, to round out my trifecta of food foddered fandom, I found a commercial. I am so changing this shit up, eh? By the way, the commercial is pharmaceutical related AND makes me extremely … Angry. (imagine that) I need a drink.

Time to STOP salting the roads, and START seasoning the barbecue.

Well, Jake’s got a worthy adversary when it comes to billboard musings.  With the winter we’ve had here in Northern Michigan, folks are more than fired up (pun intended) for anything remotely related to summer. Hell, my gas grill is readily available year round. You can only have so much ‘comfort food’. A nice piece of flame-broiled meat can warm even the coldest … April Winter Storm. Yeah, baby!

I have mixed drinks about feelings.

Leave it to a liquor store marquee to serve up such wisdom. However, that sounds more like something Ted Danson’s infamous bartender Sam Malone would say. Though, I’m sure he’s poured his share of Hard Cider from Angry Orchard.

a commercial – Afressa

This commercial epitomizes what is wrong with the state of Health Care today. Instead of encouraging behavior modification (in this case, healthy foods choices AND portion control), it enables just the opposite, condoning acceptance of disease related states. In pharmacy school, we were taught to educate patients on positive life style changes. If a known diabetic patient purchased a Snickers bar, it was ‘our professional duty’ to counsel appropriately. But, that was 30 years ago. Today, the same patient type would no doubt tell me to ‘fuck off’ and mind my own business. Then, I would get in trouble because the receipt survey percentage tanked. No one wants to be held accountable for anything, including their health.  Instead of taking responsibility for their compromised state, they look to place the blame elsewhere.  So frustrating.

Stop – Breathe – Continue

Well, talkin all this food made me really, really hungry.  Maybe if I go fishing, a well seasoned burger will appear out of nowhere. (sarcasm intended)  Since I’m not that delusional, I’ll just pack a salad. By the way, I don’t fish. One last thing needs to be said regarding my food related fodder.  Jake the Bald Butcher better watch his …  Back.  Recently, I saw another catchy phrase from his competitor – I like pig butts and I cannot lie.


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