The Hiding Hand Principle – The Commentary

I warned you and here it is – my commentary.  Originally I thought to compose one big post.  But that would be a lot of words and writing and reading.  Who has time for that shit?  Remember I only read captions in Vanity Fair articles.  So splitting into two posts seemed a good decision.  Besides, my commentary needed its own space.

I guess it all started with something that happened in the under developed village of  Karnaphuli in Pakistan .  A paper / pulp mill was built there using bamboo as raw material for its product.  Bamboo is quite plentiful in that part of the world.  What no one realized was the bamboo plant flowers once every 50 to 70 years, then THE ENTIRE PLANT DIES.  Also, it was unknown at the turnaround time for the new bamboo to mature.  So 85% of this mill’s raw material “flowered and then, poetically but quite uneconomically, died”.

Damn bamboo!

The time investment in the mill was already substantial so these people needed to get creative to figure out what options – if any – where available.  The mill imported bamboo from neighboring villages which created waterways, stimulating even more development, if you will, than expected.  Lemonade anyone?

I included the pdf for the principle in the previous post.  But it’s boring economic shit.  Thankfully I was able to get what I needed so I could be done.  I only read half.  In my defense it is eighteen pages – front and back.*

The more and more I thought about this ‘principle’ the less and less the initial ‘ahh, that’s really cool’ reaction was sustained.  If you think about it – there is no easy way to do anything.  There are always going to be obstacles and setbacks and frustration.  Reality really does bite.  The underlining theme of never giving up versus what’s the use on trying has inspired books, movies, music and countless Olympic worthy stories.

I feel a bit, I don’t know, lost as I write this.  Like I said I was totally geeked about this whole thing in the beginning, which was some weeks ago.  Then life slapped in the face and I had the worst sales month and the longest stretch without a sale in months.  Boo-fuckin’-hoo for me, right?

Ugh! I’ll get over it.

Last night someone gave me an idea about another way to stimulate sales.  So in a few days after the ‘ugh’ is done.  I’m on it.  Remember, I will be a New York Times Number One Best Selling Author soon.  Unfortunately that climb remains just that; a fuckin’ pain in my ass.

Speaking of that climbing shit, the link below is to a very sappy song that pretty much sums up everything I’ve just written.  I hesitated because it’s sooo sappy, but I love it anyway especially since it was in the artists pre-twerking days.

*truthfully it was only one-sided, but if ANYONE can name the show from which the bold-faced line is from – you totally rock

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