I resolve to … consider resolving

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution. First of all, it’s sooo cliche’. Overzealous individuals making unrealistic expectations about their capabilities. Just mail your annual dues check to the gym. Going for the first three weeks in January annoys the regulars.

Second, it’s the timing. For me, everything to this point in my life has been based on the school year rather than a calendar year. Think about it. Come late August, things just seem to fall into place. A new school year yields a new routine – especially when children are involved. Therefore, making a resolution in January seems so last September.

Furthermore, what goals I usually pursued were influenced by these schedules and what I felt could actually be achieved. (pauses intended) I’m a huge planner. But Life is never planned. More often than not, it’s a fly the the seat of your pants mentality. Otherwise, frustration ensues. No resolution/goal will ever be obtained – whether it’s made in January or September.

However, things are … progressing. Naturally. And, very quickly, I might add. My youngest is already a sophomore in high school and will soon be driving. Chauffeuring her around will no longer be necessary. Since she is my youngest, this is a mixed blessing, of course. I have enjoyed our time up until now and will even more going forward.

I have a new project that has been formulating for some time. I’ve written pages of notes – character development, location, potential scenes. The basics that are required before beginning a daunting project such as a novel; when working full-time and having a family, that is. In June 2018, I formulated a schedule to organize my notes, then brainstorm until September when I had planned to begin writing. Yeah, well that didn’t happen. What really happened was my fucking horrorscope of a summer. If nothing else, it put everything into perspective, eh?

Now what?

The precipice of a New Year has arrived. I’ve ranted so much about wanting change. Though at certain stages in your life few aspects can really be changed without being totally and completely selfish. Still, there’s always room for improvement. Maybe January can be my new September. Hell, I did just get a new haircut.

Unlike Shirley, I have realistic expectations. And, fewer vices.

I’m totally serious.

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