intend – to have a purpose or design

The fall television season is officially underway.  While I watch little prime-time shows, I’m interested in how one particular returning show will continue.  Revenge  follows a really hot chick hell bent on creating havoc in the lives of an aristocratic family that killed her father.  Season one was amazing, but then season two fell way short; borderline lame describes it best.  So I’m interested to see what happens this year.  The reason I reference the show is because each episode starts with a voice over.  The main character – the really hot chick – defines a word that ultimately describes what will happen in each episode.

So, that brings me to intend.  Or, better yet, my intentions for this post.

I am all about intention.  Tell me exactly what you want so I know what I’m up against. It’s really very simple.  Unfortunately as adults we complicate everything.

In day to day interactions, ‘intentions’  I mean true intentions, are very rarely vocalized.  People usually skate around topics, hinting at what each would like to happen rather than being straight-forward with their intentions.  Then, when neither is satisfied, disappointment often results.

I usually don’t have this problem.  Everyone knows my intentions.  The funny thing is that I’m often taken as being too direct because I actually vocalized what I want.  But I gotta’ tell ya’, if someone says to me, ” I don’t care what we do,” I am going to make the decision.  All I gotta’ say is that the other party better not get upset because, ya’ know, there was an out.

There is probably more to say about this as there was with the 121 TCE post.  I feel incomplete with what I have presented.  I originally intended to include a humorous anecdote to compliment my words, but … .  I ain’t got nothin’.*

But I will finish with this. The other day at work someone challenged me to ‘harass’ a fellow co-worker.  Mind you this was all in fun.  Each attempt, though,  was thwarted by my lack of anything funny to say.  When I was prompted to what was taking so long, I  recited each gag-line to evidence my short-coming.

“Of course they don’t sound funny,” the provocateur stated.  “You sound half dead.  Say it in a happy voice.  It’s sure to make a difference.”

So, I did as requested.  To me it still wasn’t funny.  But it gave me this idea – read the post in a happy voice.  Maybe then will my intention be complete.

*a direct quote from an ex-co-worker.  And, yes, she talked to customers that way.


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