Another MasterCard Moment – Niagara style

enhanced Driver’s license :           $45.00

fine for driving 50km/h over the  100km/h speed limit:      $10,000

budget the city of Niagara Falls, NY spends on snow removal:      $0.00

laughing with the parents, watching the kids unwind:         priceless

Yes, another hockey tournament has come and gone.  The outcome wasn’t exactly what we had wanted, but it was memorable.  For some reason the 445 miles each way was the easy part of the weekend.  I did purchase Taylor Swift’s  1989  for my daughter and I to sample as we drove.  Speaking of that, I logged quite a bit of ‘thought time’ regarding the Soundtrack of My Life post.  It’s still in the cocoon stage, but soon.  Very soon.  Note – T. Swift’s  Welcome to New  York  WILL NOT be selected for that post, but I decided to include a link below. I love the retro-ish quality of the song.  Still, I hate New York right now.

I guess the falls are frozen.  Just like the hearts of many New Yorkers – just kidding, okay.  But seriously, they drive like shit on even shitter, unplowed roads and just don’t care.  Oh well.   The staff at the hotel was nice and accommodating.  So maybe there’s hope for the rest of New York.  Maybe.

Speaking of driving, I initially thought the 100 speed limit in Canada was mph.  Thankfully my daughter corrected me, reminding me Canada follows the metric system – 100km/h.   Although driving 100mph would’ve been awesome, paying $10,000 would NOT be … priceless.

Can’t think of too much more to write.  So, I’ll  stop.


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