My Life As A … multiple choice test

When writing a letter, P.S. means –

a)   post statement
b)   perspectous secondary
c)   sock puppet
d)  post scriptum
e)   none of the above

School starts in just a few days here in  Northern Michigan.  Sharpen the pencils, kids.  A little practice shading in those damn circles may not be a bad idea either.  Even though this IS 2016 – scan tron tests are still a viable testing method.  Or so I’m told.  Though I’m thinkin’ that ‘viability’ is highly scrutinized nowadays.  As much as I loved number 2 pencils, I totally sucked at test taking – especially standardized tests.  Unfortunately, my children inherited this cursed trait.  They are excellent students, but … .  A really nice ACT or SAT score would be ‘sick’.

how to take a multiple choice test

Luckily, only a few Pharmacy school tests required scan tron.  Even fewer were standardized.  Remember, this was close to thirty years ago. Instead, we did math – lots of math and chemistry with lots of equations.  Yes, we had to show our work.  And, we had to spell words like Behentrimonium methosulfate  CORRECTLY.  I had no fucking clue what Behentrimonium methosulfate really did, but I could spell it.  Well, I knew enough to get partial credit for the question.  You get the idea.

Be that as it may, I liked multiple choice tests the best.  For the record, I did have a default ‘letter’ chosen before I went into each test.

Fast forward thirty years. When I’m faced with a ‘situation’, I often look at it as if it were a multiple choice test question.  Life isn’t standardized. Though considering current circumstances, a few normalized challenges would be a welcome change.  The options for the correct answer are usually wrong and  e)   none of the above  doesn’t go over very  well.  At all!  So basically, I still suck at taking tests. Maybe I should’ve sharpened more number 2 pencils?  Hmm … .

Oh, by the way, I still have no fucking clue what Behentrimonium methosulfate  really does – NO partial credit available today.  Right now, I sure the hell couldn’t spell the damn word either.  For this post, it was all cut and paste, baby.  Cut and paste.

my answer to multiple choice questions

the correct answer is d)   post scriptum

I totally thought c)   sock puppet was a reasonable guess.

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