Ode to Random Nonsense

I am conflicted. Lately, I have been focused on change, hoping that by shaking up those small things I can change much larger things will follow suit.  You know that whole feng shui concept. I seriously want to yin the yang that is My Life.

Shifting shit around takes time. I realize that. Good thing I’m a patient, dude, eh? Fortunately, Random thoughts of Nonsense continue to swirl about my brain to keep things fun. One recurring thought, which is neither Random nor Nonsensical, is a new project I wanted to begin Fall 2018. Unfortunately, my horrorscope of a shitshow summer happened.  Yeah, … . That was really fun. (sarcasm intended)

Still, I never stopped thinking about that project. In fact, I have a drawer full of notes and thoughts and scenes and everything wonderful needed to begin writing. Over the next three months, I plan to organize those notes, make new notes, then organize even further. Come Sept 2019 I will be all in, baby. #happynewyear

I am a very focused individual. Even though two of my children are away at college, the challenges of Life  are still a struggle. This blog has chronicled every bit of Random Nonsense I chose to share. It kept me sane. More importantly, it kept me writing. As minor as a weekly post may seem, my heart and soul went into each entry. I started this blog in July of 2012, However, the true essence of Random Nonsense was not conceived until Sept 07, 2012. That is almost seven years of weekly blogging. Kinda crazy, eh? I am very proud of what I created here. Even prouder I was a able to sustain content for seven amazing years. Granted, my timing was sometimes off. But, my delivery more than made up for that flaw. In seven years of Nonsense I’ve posted some pretty Random shit, man. But it’s all good.

As I enter the final months before actually writing, I wonder about the future of this blog. More importantly, how I will continue to deliver content, Random as it my be, that will NOT be unfocused Nonsense because my thought process will be elsewhere.  I will not jeopardize the commitment needed for my new project or what I’ve established here in my blog.

See why I am conflicted?

My only regret from this seven year itch is that I didn’t pave the path originally idealized. Every writer dreams of that lucky, fuckin’ break where everything falls into place – my blog goes viral and I’s gots me a new career path. My Life as a Retail Pharmacist is finally done.

Well, I’m still waiting.

My time will come. I will be that New York Times Number One Bestselling Author. In order to do that, I’ve decided I need to produce another larger project. One that people will actually read – more than my previous titles. Yikes! (oh, pauses intended, of course)

So, to feng shui  even further, Random Nonsense will be on hiatus to make way for My Non-fictionalized Reality. If you think about it, it’s much better to decide to stop, than the alternative.

Sadly, my next post will be my last.  It will probs only be a Moment, but, trust me, … . It will be priceless.

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