random thoughts on recently posted nonsense

Like the title suggests, below are some updated comments/thoughts on previously posted nonsense.   There is no order of appearance.

    • I experienced a new massage technique.  Apparently, it involved getting ‘set on fire’.  I was fine.  The building burned down, but I was fine.
    • The Blog Master returned.  Removed the ‘original’  review.  It was outdated; good, but outdated.  Besides, it’s posted in the Reviews tab.  Also a Widget  to Robert C. Bradshaw’s book  In  Your  Eyes  will soon be added.  Remember, we are practically the same person.  So, buy that book, too.
    • Elle MacPherson is pregnant at age 51.  At least that’s what the Internet reported.  And, as everyone knows, everything on the Internet is true.  Just ask Miley Cyrus.
    • Apparently, Lorne Michaels doesn’t allow video clips on youtube.  I’m glad I didn’t waste too much time searching the archives for that Chris Farley/Paul McCartney interview.  Though that James Franco clip I included should be watched in its entirety. The Nicki Minaj / Willow tree ass segment is comic genius.
    • Progressive Insurance has a new commercial recreating the dinner scene from The Nutty Professor.  As wonderful as Flo is, the commercial falls flat.  But kudos for creativity.
    • The Easter Bunny post was no April Fool’s joke.   Though a recent conversation made me rethink everything.  Well, Easter staples related that is.  I’m not THAT deep.  Anyway, all I can say is it involved conspiracy theories – dentists- cavities.  See where I’m goin’ here?
    • Still hate New York, BUT that Taylor Swift album 1989 is so addictive.  Clean is climbing the Soundtrack of My Life charts.  Speaking of that, I’ve decided to start big.  Translation: I’m focusing on albums first.  More on that soon.
    • It’s Springtime here in Northern Michigan.  The temperature has finally risen from the negative digits.  So, the Yaktraks are officially stored for the season.  I still think the picture of that Yak is hilarious.
    • My Valentine/Christmas card was a huge hit even with the ellipsis misplacement.
    • My daughter, the one who can burp on commend, turned twelve recently.  For her birthday, I made her favorite meal – pulled pork and homemade Mac N’ Cheese.   The pork was served on The Original King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.  Wow! It was amazing.
    • My son is constantly rediscovering the wonders of passed musical artists.  Could be the music today is total shit and he’s forced to find alternative, talented  musicians?  Heard this song being played and couldn’t help but stop and listen.  I was never a Wizard of Oz / Judy Garland fan.  This rendition (and scenery) is simply beautiful.  It was also the closing credits for a movie filmed in Hawaii.  That was bait, by the way.  Any takers?


Random rules!

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