Something to TALK About

So, let’s TALK about ‘The Life changing magic of not giving a fuck.

Giving a fuck means you care.  Furthermore, things that are cared about require your time, energy, and money.  Definitely not in that order, of course.  For me, everything is about money.  (I won’t go there right now because I want to streamline my synopsis.)  According to the TALKer, these three entities are your fuck budget. Calculated decisions go into how your time, energy, and money are spent.
 the TALKer
  • senior editor major publishing house
  • really, really unhappy
  • quit job – moved to tropical island to work for yourself

Good for her! (slight sarcastic tone implied) Otherwise, I’m just totally jealous.

 the TEDiphany
         removing yourself from what makes you unhappy opens new doors
This all happened because of mental decluttering – which is clearing out the brain of ‘the annoy‘ so there can be room for ‘the joy’ .

the NOT sorry meTED

  1. decide what you don’t give a fuck about
  2. don’t give a fuck
  3.  usually this would make you an asshole
However, if you use honesty and politeness you can be NOT sorry and NOT be an asshole.
my TALK  TEDitorial
 The first time I viewed this link, I was … conflicted. The message is basic and plausible.  Life is all about assessing priorities and figuring out the proverbial ‘fuck budget’. I get it.  Here’s the conflicted part – the majority of what was discussed pertained to work environments – “go to work, but don’t do the social event”.  To be perfectly honest, that’s pretty easy.  It’s when the every day events of your personal life get thrown in the equation that your budget gets … fucked.  If you think about it, Ms. Knight had the perfect situation to liberate herself – newly married and NO KIDS. Granted, she qualified this fact, acknowledging few can do what she did. But, she never addressed how to budget  personal commitments accordingly. By the way, that ‘annoy – joy’ bit is a little too much in my opinion.  Bottom line – when a familial unit is involved, obligation and guilt are present and need to be present.  If not, you ARE a should be sorry asshole.
Of course she wrote a book – three actually. I think.  Moreover, her connections from being a Senior Editor at a major publishing house made those books a reality. Good for her! (Once again – slight sarcastic tone AND lots of jealousy). Note – I have not read any of her books.  This commentary is based solely on the TALK.
Just for the record, I am often NOT sorry and quite honest and polite about that fact. Yet, I AM still an asshole.  I’m fine with it. Asshole kinda works for me.

 the TALK home message

     massive, liberating change that lasts forever
This musical selection has absolutely nothing to do with TED.  But, it truly is  Something to TALK About. 

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