twalk, twelk or twilk

Yes, that is a new word I created.  At least, I think I did.  If not, the origin and definition of  my version of the word is quite original.  First, let me apologize right now for two ‘vocabulary’ posts in a row.   The last post was planned for some time.  This one … was not.

Back to my new word.  Oh, by the way, I would probably choose twalk.  It just sounds better.

Origin            – the combination of the words tweet or twitter and stalk

Definition     – to stalk someone via tweets or on twitter

Simple yet disturbing at the same time.

Let me explain.

In my unwavering attempt to gain exposure, I am constantly trying to think of creative ideas to, ya know, get myself out there.  In the days of snail mail, I would query agencies, inquiring about representation.  That was a long, painful process that yielded rejection and my frustration, of course.  Every agency had guidelines – the ole’ what to do / what not to do.  One what not to do that I never did was harass an   agency/agent with multiple submissions and/or unwanted phone calls.

Today, the internet and social media has definitely expedited the process.  Rejection is still painful, but at least the wait time is shorter.  Did I mention that rejection is painful?

Remember, I am not the social media fiend.  I only opened my twitter account to promote my effort.  Then quickly decided it wasn’t really worth the effort and focused my attention elsewhere.  Until – insert cartoon picture of light bulb – I realized  I could tweet to anyone who had an account.    Even if that party didn’t follow me, the tweet I sent to that party  WAS ALWAYS RECEIVED.

See where a desperate indie author trying to gain exposure could go apeshit over this.  Granted the poor soul on the receiving end probably ignores tweets from random individuals.  Ashton Kutcher has, like, one bizzilion followers.  I’m thinkin’ his finger is constantly positioned over the DELETE button.

Anyway, I targeted an innocent individual that was considered a ‘risk taking movie producer, specializing in literary unknowns’.  Of course, my book would make a great movie.  Thus the twalking began.

Yes, I had fun with it.  Especially at the end when I somehow felt a ‘connection’ may have been made.  No, my harassing wasn’t obnoxious.  It was limited to either ‘replies’ on questions for all the party’s followers or a random tweet about a recent post.   Then one day a tweet was posted by the twalkee  that I thought was directed toward me.  I felt incredibly guilty for what I had done.   I’m Catholic.  We specialize in self-inflicted guilt.  I sent one last tweet, apologizing for my actions.

Then, I continued to follow this party and realized the ‘tweet’ was most likely directed to another party.  Insert sigh of relief.  Though, I am a tad disappointed my ‘connection’ was actually a disconnect.

Oh, well.  I Am officially done with twalking AND vocabulary lessons.

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