“The wales have aligned.”

The title of this post was a direct quote from Mr. Winston.  I’m not really sure who ‘Mr. Winston’ was, or still is for that matter, but he was referring to the Grandest Meeting 0f the Corduroy Appreciation Club that was held on Friday 11/11/11 – the date that most closely resembled corduroy – ever.

The Corduroy Appreciation Club? Why am I blogging about something that happened three years ago? Does the rain in Spain (really) fall mainly on the plain?

Yes, there is such a club.  It IS a November tradition – corduroy day, 11/11 that is, and it’s just fun.   Lastly, I have no clue and could give two shits about the rain in Spain thing.  I was just messin’ around.

One last thought before I continue.  I was wanting another ‘November’ holiday/tradition to compliment last years  Novembeard  post (11/25/2013).  I’m thinkin’ this works!?

Anyway… , some back story.

The exact time when I first learned about the Corduroy Club is unclear, but details surrounding my learning about said Club definitely are  not.

One day I arrived at work wearing a pair of corduroy pants.  Yes, I owned corduroy pants, okay.  I usually only wore them to work.  Anyway. In an attempt to make small talk, the manager at the time – side note: this is a man that should NEVER attempt to make small talk – commented on my clothing choice, mentioning that it would be good attire for 11/11/11. Since I never want this man to continue talking, I didn’t ask any questions, yet he did continue on, rambling on about the Corduroy Club and the Grandest Meeting.

After he left we rolled our eyes, questioning the validity of everything he had just said.  “Do we look that stupid?” was the collective response.

The next day  a technician verified everything  and provided even more information.  From then on it was a free-for-all.  We had a blast.  We work retail pharmacy – our lives are that dull.  So something mindless and silly can get you through even the worst of days. Consider it the pharmacy version of water-cooler talk.  When word that ‘the Grandest Meeting’ was going to be held in Chicago our gears for a road trip started spinning.  When we realized that the previous years ‘meeting’ was held at some street corner in a seedy part of New York City, those gears stopped – thankfully.

Some time past, but every now and then the topic resurfaced.  It was fall in Northern Michigan; corduroy and flannel are a staple.  A few of us had been wanting to get out.  We were all married with kids – what more needed to be said.  So we decided to use 11/11/11 as an excuse.  It WAS  corduroy day.  That was reason enough.

So, we went out and had a great time, sportin’ some ‘roy and drinkin’ some brew.  The goal was to stay out until 11:11 ON 11/11/11, but I don’t think that happened.

It didn’t matter.  Our ‘wales’ had aligned.   All was good.

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