horrorscope? not really

     “Well, neither will this.” I showcased the piece of paper, holding it steadfast.  At first it was a white flag, signaling my surrender.  Now it was the crest of my resolve.
“Adam, could we please be done with this.  Sign the damn piece of paper.”

from   My  Life  As A  Retail  Pharmacist – A Fictionalized  Memoir

Rob Brezsney writes Freewill Astrology for Northern Express Weekly, a local circulation.  Apparently this week I’m certain to have “a high concentration of magic and stimulation”, “my word of power will be succulence” – by the way, succulence was italicized, AND I need to take “active control of the unfolding adventures” instead of reacting.

Yes, I am quite pysched for the week, but I have an issue with something. Imagine that. Isn’t reacting the majority of what life is? How you react dictates what evolves – it could either be magical and stimulating or passive and downright boring. Of course I want to “be the director AND lead actor” in my drama, but creating opportunities has never really worked for me.  So I’m left with reacting.  As the except from my book points out, that really doesn’t fair to well either.

So it’s Friday.  I drafted the above early in the week hoping to finish my thought and post it sooner. I didn’t. Sorry.  But I’m kinda’ glad.  Now I have retrospective insight.  I don’t know if that is what it’s called or if it even exists, but here it is –

Nothing was magical or stimulating.  My word was not even close to succulence.   Lastly, I think this actor AND director need to be fired.

But it made me hopeful AND got me through the week.  So, it ain’t all bad.

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