an abnormal fear of enclosed or narrow spaces

According to the Random House Dictionary that is the official definition for the word claustrophobia.  I’m sure everyone knew that and has probably experienced a bout of it sometime in their life.  My experience happened gradually over the last few months.

Lately, my house has been feeling small and cramped and, yes, claustrophobic.  Think all you want about my emotional state.  Hell, I have.  Trust me, though, I’m fine.  As far as the house, it definitely needs a psychological evaluation if not a total makeover.  It’s a modest house – two-story Cape Cod and an unfinished, quite messy basement.  Of course finishing that would add extra much needed living space, but that just ain’t in the budget.   So, since everything else has remained constant over the last few years, why this not abnormal (sorry about the double-negative) fear?

I blame my children, of course.

Or, more appropriately, the fact that my children are growing up.  Yes, this is all good; everything progressing as it should.  But,holy shit! How and  when did this happen?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but if not, my daughter plays hockey.  Recently she had her sport/team picture taken.  When deciding on which package to purchase, she requested a set of trading cards; just like the ‘pros’.  We agreed.  They’re way cool and very fun.

So, anyway, she brought them home from practice and showed the family.  When I looked at her stats on the back, I totally freaked.  To see that your baby-babe is now over 5’6” and an adult weight -if I posted her true weight she would kill me.  Well, like I said before, when the hell did this happen? By the way, she has a size 10 shoe.  And she’s not even done growing.

Not only that, but my son now towers over me.  He even wore a sweater of mine on Christmas.  Sometimes, we can’t even see that there’s actually a third child in the mix.

I told you it wasn’t me.  When I realized what this all meant, I really wondered if I was, in fact, fine.

I know, I know.  It’s not like I’m the only parent to experience this.  Hell, in a few short years the kids will be off to college and the house will be big again.  Let’s not go there right now.  How about I just wear boxer more often and call it a day?


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