Just thought I would set the record straight – it was all me.  I started it.

I am referring to the ‘adulterated’ form of grammar that is used in texting today.   Especially the use or un-use of vowels when messaging.

So technically, I was texting before there was texting and now that there is texting I don’t text.  Ah, the story of my life.

What prompted this epiphany was a marquee of all things.  I was at a traffic signal and this marquee had  the word abt written in the message. It was actually #abt  but who the hell knows what that damn # represents.  None of my children do.  If the pulse of the texting generation doesn’t know, then there’s NO #hope for me.  So, I’m reading this sign and it hits me – writing without vowels.  I started this craze back in my college days.  It’s no comparison to starting something like Napster, of course.

And, yes, I fell asleep during lectures, especially physics.  And, I drool.  So it wasn’t pretty.

Okay, I’m rambling.  But I really wanted to work in that link.   The  Italian Job  is such a great movie.

So, … .

In college, the pharmacy curriculum was very rigorous.  Back then, we actually took notes during class.  None of this on-line symposium shit or having the lecture material available by the professor.  We were old school.  We went to class, took lots of notes, and then we were tested on the material.  None of which was at our convenience, mind you.  We took tests as a class at a time designated by the professor.

Some class notes were available for specific subjects.  One student was designated to take notes on a certain day.  Then the class notes were copied and distributed to those that participated or paid for the handout.

I, of course, was never asked to be a note taker.  First of all, I was not exactly considered one of those stellar students.  No one wanted my notes.  Besides, my notes were a mess. But, hey, I passed and graduated.  The end goal was achieved.

There were two reasons my notes were as described – a hot mess.  I didn’t use vowels.  Secondly, I worked for IDIS – Iowa Drug Information Service.  IDIS created the diagnostic code system still used today.  The pharmacists on staff would read journal articles, notating what disease state and other necessary information from the article in the margins.  Students – that’s me – would enter the information into a database.  Then it was transferred onto microfilm, remember this was close to thirty years ago, and distributed to subscribers.

Since I was exposed to such a system of  ‘coding’, it made its way into my notes.  For example, V07 meant prophylaxis and V250.0 represented diabetes.  When you are taking notes, prophylaxis is an awful word to write.

Can you see why no one wanted to borrow MY notes?

Oh, well, like I said, I graduated. The process was like my drool – not pretty.  But, it worked.

Here I am living  My  Life  As  A  Retail  Pharmacist.   *

#oh, joy!

*If you haven’t already, please buy that book.  I need some REAL  joy in my nonfictional  life. Okay!?

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