Why customers really do suck

I’m tossed about this whole electronic prescription entering thing that has evolved in the pharmacy.  I’m old school.  It used to be you go to the doctor, he/she gives you an actual prescription BLANK and then that blank IS  TAKEN to the pharmacy to get filled; simple, structured and somewhat  functional.  That is until the customer opens their mouth and tries to talk.  Then it just becomes a fucking cluster.  But this isn’t that right now.

Now, you go to the doctor and before you even leave the office, the doctor e-mails the prescription to the pharmacy.  And, since it’s a perfect world, the prescription is always ready the moment the customer arrives at the pharmacy.


In the real world, we have so may prescriptions e-mailed, we don’t even know if we’ve received the prescription for the patient in question.  This poses a problem.  Especially to the  impatient customer who was told that the prescription would surely be ready by the office. Why wouldn’t it?

That being said, on with the first example of why customers really do suck.

A woman arrived at the drive inquiring about her prescription that “should be ready because she just left the office”.  She was informed that we had only just finished typing the prescription and it will be another fifteen minutes.  She drove off in a huff, of course because, you know, fifteen minutes is a year in dog time.  Not even five minutes later, the same woman was in the drive. AGAIN.  When the technician informed her that her prescription was still not ready and it hadn’t even been five minutes, the customer clapped her hands quickly a few times, instructing the technician to hop to it and work faster.

Second example of why customers really do suck.

A nice lady –  a year-round regular actually – was in the drive.  Yes, there was problem with her prescription.  Why wouldn’t there be? So the transaction took just a bit longer than expected.  Unfortunately the woman behind her didn’t like this, so she proceeded to get out of her car, walked up to the woman being waited on and asked her to leave.  The recipient of this rude, impatient act promptly said, “it’s my turn and I’m not leaving.”

You go, girl!

The lady reluctantly retreated, got in her car and decided to come in to the store.

Wow, that was way fun.

Finally, a message came down the grapevine that a man at a nearby store complained – I stand corrected – he was appalled that his prescription would not be delivered to his BOAT.  Yes, you read that correctly.  HIS BOAT.  He stated it was a complete inconvenience for him to come to the store and demanded his request be granted.

Luckily he didn’t get me on the phone.  Then I would’ve known the location of his BOAT.   That would’ve been bad for him.  But, hey that’s what insurance is for, right?

So, that is why customers really do suck!

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