I ain’t got nothin’

That’s about it this week.  Though I did work with a technician that actually talked to customers that way.  Let’s just say grammar was not her strongest quality.   She’s long gone, but resurrecting the post title gets us through the day sometimes.   But right now, I’m talkin’ ideas to blog about.  I’ve had a good run lately, keeping the ‘randomness’ alive.  When I brainstorm, I often think of newspaper columnists that have to write quality material on a daily basis.  I average about a post a week and that’s hard work.  I can’t imagine what those writers encounter.   Still, I’m going to complain anyway.

You see I wanted this to be special.  This is technically my 102nd post.  Television shows usually commemorate reaching the 100th aired show as a milestone; special guests, plot twists to keep the audience engaged for another 100 episodes, sit-com antics.  Cheers had a recap/interview show, Friends had Phoebe having twins.  You get the idea.  My ‘blog birthday’ is approaching, so I recap then.  As for twins – I’m too old for that shit again.

Me, I just wanted a nice, simple five-star review to post, celebrating my existence and my 100th post milestone.  I have come a long way.  I can actually copy/paste the stars now.

I ain’t got nothin’.

So, I waited another post – I already had a draft for 100.  I’m an odd number person, so celebrating 101 would’ve been fitting.

Once again, I had nothin’.

Over this twenty plus years of writing and waiting and waiting and rewriting I’ve learned to be patient.  The ironic thing is that often upon first impression, I come across as a very impatient person.  Oh, well, who cares.

Hey, I just realized in all tis ‘ I ain’t got nothin’ I actually created a post that is random and utter nonsense.


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