another question – random yet highly combustible

Haven’t had one of these in a while.  I actually thought of this one late last summer, but better ideas came up.  By the time I actually wanted to post it, the season was over.  And, considering I just reread what I’ve written so far, maybe it should remain unposted.  But, here it is anyway.

I was watching the movie  Tangled  a few nights back with my daughter.  Personally, I love the movie.  Though I am a sucker for the majority of those Disney flicks.  I even saw this one in the theater IN 3D.  I’m usually too cheap for 3D and the glasses really stress my eyes, but my daughter asked nicely.  What is a dad to do?

There’s a climactic scene* when the evening sky is filled with floating lanterns, the cheesy love song is performed, and everything is right in animated land.  Then, shit happens, the lanterns disappear and everything just falls apart.  Yes, the main characters live happily ever after.  It’s Disney AND animated – of course they do.  But, real life isn’t Disney OR animated.  Shit really happens.   So, who cleans up the mess?  I mean the lantern mess.  What happens when the lanterns drift away and the oohs and aahs  are done?

So, I did some investigating.  Here’s what I found.

What is a Sky Lantern?
Sky Lanterns, also known as Wish Lanterns and Konming Lanterns, can be thought of as a miniature hot-air balloons that can launched in your back yard for a special event or occasion.

100% Biodegradable, 100% Flame-Resistant Paper, Fully Assembled, Non-Hazardous, Guaranteed to Fly

The lantern itself is made of lightweight biodegradable tissue paper on a bamboo frame with a small wax fuel cell suspended in the middle. Just light the wax fuel cell and the lantern fills with hot air, causing it to rise gently into the night sky.

Of course there was nothing on any of the websites defining the length of time the proposed biodegradability actually takes.   In this world of eco-consciousness, it really does matter, doesn’t it? If it’s Flame -Resistant that means it’s not going to completely disintegrate, correct?

Hmmm… . Oh well.  Leave it to me to burst THAT balloon or lantern in this case.  Wait, these are guaranteed to fly.

Remember this blog IS Random Nonsense.

Still, I didn’t feel this was complete without the climactic scene included; cheesy love song and all.




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