‘A’ is for ant

Truthfully, this has little to do with the Berenstains’ ‘A’ Book. Though ants pretty much marched through that entire story.  What this has to do with is the ants that were marching in MY house. Yeah, the weather has been very dry and very hot.  I guess the neighborhood ants needed a drink.  So do I, baby.

Thankfully, the issue  was contained in, like, a day.  We get sprayed every Spring for wasps and spiders AND ants.  When I called to inquire about this latest infestation, the representative stated what I already knew – it’s a known problem. In this case, the only available resource is Terra traps. Works for me!

the a(n)ttraction

1. Water

The kitchen sink may also provide ants with needed water. Try to keep the area around the kitchen sink free of standing water.

2. Food

  • Ants are particularly attracted to the scent of sugar and grease.
  • Use soap or vinegar with water to clean away food. If you only clean with water, you may not entirely eliminate the food scents that attract ants.
  • You may also want to keep ants out of dry-good containers, like flour, by putting a bay leaf in the containers.
  • Never leave food in the garbage can for longer than a day. When food sits out for days, it will often emit a strong odor. Also, keep your outside trash cans away from the entrances of your home.

3. Shelter

One of the best ways to prevent an ant infestation is to stop ants from initially entering your home through small cracks or holes in the walls. After you have eliminated food and water sources for ants, make sure the ants can’t easily enter your home.

an ant trail

  • The scent that the ants leave behind is called pheromone. The ants walk in a line because they follow the scent left behind by the leader.  Fun deodorant commercial idea, eh? That would turn into a real … cluster.
  • Ants walk into each other rather frequently, communicating by touch and by smell  – best done by putting their antennae together. So physical contact is a natural part of their daily life. The introverted ant starves quickly.  Stomping on random ants IS a good thing. They suffer less.
  • The experience of death is not a sense of loss – it is simply oleic acid. As soon as the living ants smell the oleic acid smell, they spring into action, carrying the tiny decaying intruder out of their midst and dumping it into the pile. Of other dead ants.  Gross! Hopefully that ‘pile’ isn’t on my counter top.
  • Lastly, without the queen to lay eggs, no other new member are added to the colony. Since all the workers are sterile, the ants do not survive for long without the queen.  Bitch!


That’s why angry ants advanced across an apple, an acorn, an apricot, an ax, an angleworm, an alligator, Aunt Alice’s airplane, Avenue A, apes’ apartments, and all Arizona

Though I must disagree with ole  Jan and Stan Berenstains’ closing sentence –

Ants are amazing.

Annoying would be way more suitable.

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