in the shower

Well, I guess I’m going to share some unsolicited information about myself.  Considering I do this on a regular basis and have been doing so for the last, what, 5 years, I’m probs good, eh?  Trust me,it’s nothing spicy. Never is.  And, anyone who reads this probably does the same thing.

When I am in the shower,  I think a lot.  For those that know me, just the idea of me thinking is quite frightening.  It IS better than the alternative. Right? Anyway. Shower thinking is really productive, though.  It’s the only time of day when you are truly alone.  Usually.  Hell, the fucking house could be falling apart, kids yelling, wife …  being a wife.  And, all you have to say are those simple words – “I’m in the shower.” Granted, it’s often proceeded or followed with a few ‘adjectives’.  The fact remains –  you are momentarily absolved of all responsibility.

Fortunately, it takes me a very short time to decompress.  A locked door is a wonderful thing.

That’s when the thinking starts.  It used to be I would mentally process either what happened or what needed to happen in the coming days – to do list, meal planning, crises that needed to be addressed. The normal stuff.  Then I realized I did that when the door was open. Hell, I can meal plan while the house is falling apart.  Multi-tasking at its finest, baby.  More often than not, the fallout from familial crises can often positively influence meal planning.

Yeah, … .

Still, I transitioned effortlessly.  After marriage, three kids, and rare amounts of ‘office time’, I am now quite selective with what I choose to think about in the shower.  My brain is programmed accordingly.

Recently though, every idea I’ve had in the shower hasn’t been the best. (insert: heavy sigh) Yeah, kinda’ sucks. The anticipated results that I am certain to be foolproof often end up making a fool out of me.

Theoretically, the process of thinking in the shower is fundamental – you are in the shower. A thought comes to mind. And, it’s not just a thought.  It’s one of those ‘why the hell didn’t I think of that sooner‘ thoughts.  You on fire with only positive results. NOTHING can go wrong.

Then, you unlock the damn door.


On the positive side, I only shower once a day.  Thankfully. Consequently, I think my brain is transitioning once again. It’s all good, though. Instead of thinking, I’ll probably just wash my hair more often. Remember, ‘the rules of hair care are simple and finite.’

I’ve never had a ‘perm’, but my ‘curls’ are still in tact.  Unfortunately, it’s everything else that’s not!

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