clean laundry?

Apparently my wife has a problem with the way I fold the laundry.  First of all,I fold the laundry.  And, the majority of the time, it’s without asking.  That being said, I will continue.

When I do laundry, I wash it, throw it in the dryer, and fold it.  Sometimes it does sit in the dryer for a bit before it gets folded.  The few wrinkles that happen during that transition are negligible.

She prefers the laundry to be immediately removed from the dryer. If it can’t be folded promptly, she lays it all out neatly in appropriate piles. 

What’s the point? If there is time to do that, take the extra minute to fold it and be done.

But, that’s not what got them mad.

My wife and daughter are forever taking their tops – t-shirts, polos, etc – off inside out.  Those items are washed then ‘piled’ likewise – INSIDE-OUT.

Since I have expressed my extreme annoyance of this, I’ve started folding said clothes inside-out

See where I’m going with this?

It’s laundry. It’s folded.  What does it matter? 

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