I am …

I’ve been struggling lately with shit that I have no control over AND that I do not bring on myself.  No, I’m not in denial.  I can honestly say I never do anything to intentional complicate my life.  Why would I? Life complicates it enough for me.  So since I’ve been struggling, I remembered the excerpt below.  Yes, it worked – momentarily. But, tomorrow is another day, ya know.  



I am confident. I am strong. I am fucking awesome.

The last part of the phrase was originally I am amazingly wonderful. It was from some self-help, confidence-building book Adam had read long ago. But the words ‘amazingly wonderful’ seemed … inappropriate. He needed something that had more impact. Something that had ‘more balls’ according to Ron. ‘I am fucking awesome’ was a collaborative effort coined just before last call the previous Thursday night. Besides, it made Adam smile every time he repeated the words.

from My Life As A Retail Pharmacist – A Fictionalized Memoir



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