the ADULT coloring book

First things – mind out of the gutter, people.  This relatively new craze is all about serenity and stress relief not Jenna Jameson’s new film.  Since the majority of the coloring books have drawings like the previous post, the female gender IS the target audience. So the gutter is safe.  Besides, who else would color tea cakes?  Though there was a coloring/activity book ( BadASS Buttocks) with some 38  bare butt cartoons. The objective was to color/create underwear for those ‘fannies’.  Really didn’t care to research that book any further.  Butt, I will say, none of those drawings resembled Ms Jameson’s derriere.

According to the article link, the adult coloring book is supposed to “… let the color and the lines flow.” Apparently, your stress is supposed to ‘flow’ away too.  Well, isn’t that special. (sarcastic tone implied).  Not if all the drawings to color are similar to that in the previous post from SECRET PARIS  Color Your Way to Calm  by  Zoe De Las Cases they won’t.  That’s some pretty detailed artwork.  And that was the least intricate offering.  That type-A female personality will surely experience panic attacks attempting to finish this calming activity in the allotted I – Phone next generation scheduled timeframe.  Throw in the 152 crayon choices and  Xanax will no longer be reserved for gay summer weddings.

I’m kidding, okay.  But there is some validity in what I presented.

Now for some Random Nonsense on this waxing topic:

  • Crayola is my crayon of choice.  Rose Art is a cheap imitation in my opinion.  Once I snatched a four pack of triangular-shaped crayons – CrayAngle from Classy Kid, Inc. –  from a restaurant .  Way cool.  However,they remain untouched in the box.  I suck at folding maps, so removing the crayons from the box is probably a bad idea for me.
  • No BadASS  Buttocks about it, I’m a COLORING BOOK snob.  None of this activity/coloring book shit.
  • I have a completion issue.  I will not leave a picture unfinished.  Usually I assess the time I have and chose the picture to color accordingly.
  • In the film  The  Last  Holiday ,  L.L. Cool chases after his love interest, Queen Latifah, who jetted to Prague.  Unfortunately, Mr. Cool’s character was NOT cool on flying.  The passenger next to him – a child – sensed his apprehension, offering his coloring book and crayons as distraction.  It worked.  Of course it worked.  Its’ a Romantic Comedy.
  • As with the texting thing (ADM THMS July 15, 2015), I started this craze long ago.  In high school and college, a coloring book and crayons was always within reach.  I’m sensing a pattern here.  If only I can cash in on these ideas of mine BEFORE they become ‘the next craze’.  I’m trying with this Fictionalized Memoir stuff, but … .  I could use a little help.

Well, there you have it.  I could continue, butt Jenna Jameson, I mean,  SECRET PARIS is, ah, waiting.

I need to … flow.

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