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I don’t think sign lady is ever coming back.  Apparently, my ‘get well’ wishes back in April were never received.  Either that or … .  She retired? Hmm… .  Hopefully, NOT permanently, if you know what I mean. I’ve never met her.  But, I do miss her musings.  Especially considering that  Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life is the best the establishment’s marquee replacement worker can deliver.  … the cookie of life? Ugh!  Fuckin’ rookie.  Or would that be fuckin’ cookie?

So, I decided to look elsewhere. And, I found some suitable offerings.  Granted these aren’t the best pearls of wisdom, but not everything sign lady wrote was blog worthy either.  I’m a writer.  I’ll make it work.

In the April post, I matched each phrase with an appropriate song.  That was fun.  This time around I wanted to keep it fresh.  I decided to go commercial.  Literally.

Be a fountain, not a drain

Unfortunately, I am surrounded by drains.  Worse scenario – when a drain thinks they’re a fountain.  Hmm… . Deep shit, eh? Well, I have a solution, of course.   Plug the damn drain and watch it implode.  Or just cut the ‘water’ supply.  Either way, that fountain is fucked.  Still, there are those stubborn drains  where drastic measures are necessary.

call a Plumr?

when life knocks you down – do a burpee

 Thank my local gym for this little ‘exercise’ in maintaining mental and physical health.  While I’ve never been a burpee dude, going to the gym is crucial for my well being.  Lifting weights is the ultimate stress relief.  Bonus – few ‘tourists’  frequent my gym.  So, that ,bitch with three addresses stays away.  Though, I’m certain she’s still confused at which house she is actually at.

‘ultra’ burpee

In the word scent, is the -s- or the -c-  silent?

Late Middle English (denoting the sense of smell): from Old French sentir ‘perceive, smell,’ from Latin sentire. The addition of -c- (in the 17th century) is unexplained. So the c is silent and also shouldn’t really be there.

The world according Webster has spoken.  If that’s the case, how would there be a differentiation between sent (past tense of send) and this whole scent with the -c- that shouldn’t be there? Hmm … .

Wow, two deep thoughts in one post.  I need to stop.  Moreover, I really need to stop with that Hmm … shit.

Gain perspective

Just so those that know me don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end, over contemplating meaningless musings.  I’m fine.  These marquees are strategically placed along my commute – at very long stop lights, I might add! Avoiding these messages can’t be denied.  Though it’s NOT the extent of denial as that whole drain/fountain identity issue. For now, I’m just going to crack open a bottle of Liquid Plumr and Gain insight.  Cheers.

 Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may diet

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