Cool Yule surprise

It is a known fact I send A-L-O-T of greeting cards – always have; always will. They’re fun. Besides, people love to receive something in the mail that’s not a bill. Ironically, I do not send Christmas cards. I’s got every other holiday handled – so sending an annual Christmas card is so passé’ in my opinion. A few times, I was sucked into the season and decided to send New Years cards. Twice. Bad decision on my part – Twice. Ugh! Each year that followed was wrought with cluster after cluster of funness (sarcasm intended), I vowed never to do that again.

My address book is a treasured possession. I’m talking old school address book, too – handwritten and just a hot mess from scribbled notes. Lots of folks have had Life Changes that needed updating. I do purge through it on a regular basis. Well, that’s kind of a lie – I haven’t done so in a while. I’m okay with that, though. I navigate hot messes quite well. Everyone in that book appreciates the gesture and reciprocates to the best of their abilities. Since there has been lots of icky things in the world, I uped my game a bit. I have never sent so may greeting cards in my life. I would never expect the equal level of reciprocity. It’s just fun!. Besides, people really appreciate it now more than ever.

side note – if you piss me off,  your ass is lined-out, baby. With a red pen. Oh, and good luck trying to make your way back into my postal graces. (insert – manly grunting noise)

I grew up on a block where everyone knew everyone  – we were quite tight. At one time there were, like, 120 kids on a single street. Over the years, families moved on, of course. Some stayed connected; some did not. As time went on, funerals were an odd, yet advantageous meeting place to reconnect.

As the ‘hood aged, one special neighbor always remained in contact with my mother. They were never really besties when the kids were young. However, once they aged, their relationship became quite bonded. It was nice. This neighbor also had a special place in my heart. In fact, I bought my first car from her. Naturally, our greeting card exchange became more frequent than most. Yeah, she received familial updates from my mom, but I appreciated our correspondence nonetheless. When my mother passed away last year, this neighbor and I remained postally palled.

In fact, she recently sent me an early Christmas card. Inside was the following note –

Just wanted to thank you for all the greeting cards I have received all the years gone by. Must cost you a lot for stamps. Love hearing from you.

She included a book of stamps.

Cool Yule, eh!

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