I’m blogging again

Well, it’s decided. I’m blogging again.  During the past two years, I concentrated my energies elsewhere and ‘maintained the blog’ . Now, that has changed. My latest project is officially complete and in the hands of an editor/proof reader who will spare NO red pen. I’m quite happy with the finished product. It feels whole – no loose ends. Moreover, I love the way the concept evolved. A concept that I am keeping secret until it’s unveiling, of course.

I feel the need to write on a regular basis – blogging allows that. Besides, I still have lots of Random Nonsense to share. Few care, of course. But I need to do it, damn it! Unlike this caustic world we live in, my musings are light and harmless. I will keep a few traditions – the Ode and Mastercard moments are sure to resurface. However, Adele will NOT be back for Thanksgiving. Just too much yelling for me. Funny as all get out, but way too toxic. And, I work retail! Tis the holiday season – Xanax is not just for gay summer weddings.*

Also, I will post my nonsense randomly. The pressure to come up with ideas on a weekly basis is just too much. When the new book becomes available – in whatever capacity the next few months allow – I will be all over that shit.

Until then, enjoy the previous titles for FREE – that won’t go away. Hell, even when I make a shit ton of money from royalties, I will still be FREE booking it!

Just do as before – click one or all three titles and download – it is that simple and it is that FREE!

Well, TODAY NOVEMBER 17, 2021 that is. After that, it ain’t.


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