Cyber deal – Kindle style

So, when your book is sold exclusively through Kindle – Kindle Direct Publishing or kdp select – Amazon offers various promotion ‘events’ for authors to generate business and exposure.  In the past, I’ve taken part in the FREE book promotion.  Nice as that is for the consumer, the author hopes that free sales will bolster others into actually buying.  Sometimes that happens; moreover, not.  Readers usually hoard the free books.  Some Good Reads or Shelfari users have thousands of books ‘on their shelf’ .

Kindle has another promotion called Kindle Countdown Deal.  During an allotted period of time, the book is discounted at various price increments.  Now, both the reader AND author can get something.  The reader gets a discounted book and the author actually gets a sale.

That being said – My Life As A Retail Pharmacist – A Fictionalized Memoir  is currently on such a deal.  Over the next 7 days – YES, SEVEN DAYS – the book is offered at a discounted rate.  So just   CLICK   that book cover  to the right.   Yes, it’s that easy!

Now that’s what I call  Cyber Deal!

Robert C. Bradshaw decided to list his book  In  Your  Eyes  on a similar promotion.   I agreed to advertise his special here, also.

Nice guy, eh? For his title, click the purple/blue over the title of the book.

Buy both – books are a great gift idea, too.

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