The dinner table

I struggled with the best introduction for this post.  It’s an idea that has been slow-cookin’ in the back of my mind for some time.  Think – crock pot?!  Sorry, that was a really bad analogy.  Anyway, … .

A few years back, there was this ‘campaign’ to get families to the table again.  Thus, the previously posted commercial.  While the idea behind the campaign was genuine, I was outraged, disappointed, and then just … sad.  What happened? Why did there have to be  a television commercial ‘campaign’ to get families together?

Yes, everyone is busy.  I get it, okay? I work retail.  Which means, I work retail hours.  Translation: I’m not home for dinner every night.  So I really do get it.  Sometimes I think the ‘we’re so busy’ is more of an excuse than a reality. Boo-fucking-hoo. Deal with it.

The majority of time my family hates each other.  Everyone’s does.  But occasionally, we do have nice moments.  Yes, they may be few, but we still have them. And those moments are usually AT THE DINNER TABLE.  Sometimes, there really are scheduling conflicts. If that’s the case, change the time.  I know a family that eats breakfast together everyday.   This family makes it work.  And, hell, it’s breakfast.  So it’s gots to be good!

Below are a few fun dinner table moments.

Whether it’s the matron humming, keeping watch on everything that transpires or siblings arguing about what the word diet actually means,   this is the what the dinner table is all about.   Thankfully, Michael Douglas has never been mentioned at our table.  Furthermore, no one in my family likes the word moist.   So, we are good there.  By the way, my youngest daughter can burp on command; usually at the table.  It’s a talent from my side.  I’m proud of that.  Really.  (sorry the clip was so long)

Saw this dinner table scene in the trailer for the movie.  As a family we haven’t had to open, let alone shut any real doors.  Yet.  Though as uncomfortable as some doors may be, being there to discuss the ‘mechanics’ of those doors is crucial.  I will always be there.

Poor Raymond.  Such an easy target.  This show was a weekly staple for us.  However, I stopped watching toward the end.  Debra really got overbearing.  Bitch would be a better word.  So, I had to stop.  But this scene is awesome.  Marie rocks.  Frank… .  Well, Frank is Frank.   He is funny, though.  Regardless, this scene says it all.

So, there it is.   My commentary on the importance of the dinner table.  That being said, may I please be excused?

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