Done with winter

Unfortunately, winter is NOT done with me or Northern Michigan, for that matter.  Who am I kidding? Like I mentioned in a previous post, Traverse has two seasons – winter and July.  Really the before and after winter part is more ‘transitional’ than a season.  It could be worse, especially considering the Plain states are bracing for Tornado season.  Though I hope they don’t start naming those too.  That’s not only dumb, it’s just wrong.

I’ve lasted longer this year than in years past.  Usually I come upon this realization mid-February when there is a very long winter road ahead .  More snow and less frigid temps are probably the reason this year.  Though I did have bad timing with some overnight snowfalls.  The Morning Scramble inhibited my snow removal, yielding a ‘Quantified’  mess of a driveway.  One estimated, yet measurable ice chunk from the end of the drive was the size of Rhode Island with the thickness of the majority of pharmacy customer sculls.  The ice chunk probably has more patience though.  While I’m talkin’ shop, depression medication use is at an all time high.  So, I’m thinkin’ the rest of Northern Michigan is also done with winter.

Over the weekend I de-snowmaned the house.  No more winter decorations can be found.  Except for the damn icicle lights that still hang from the gutter.  But it would be a cluster if I even tried to take those down.  Hint – bad decision, stupid move AND what-the-hell-was-he-thinking story.

Lastly, I got a hair cut.  It was long overdue, but the longer hair coincided with the winter.  Since the temps haven’t increased, my head is now cold.  I’m not complaining, though.  At my age, I’m just thankful I have hair to cut.

That’s it – I’m done.  Bring on the … transition!

Consider the ‘Ode’ over.

P. S. – I’m done with scarfs, too.

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