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In a constant effort to increase my exposure, I am joining groups and updating bookshelves on sites such as Shelfari and Good Reads.  Doing this made me think.  Often this is a bad thing, but this train of thought is applicable to what I do – write and read.  So that leads me to the question proposed in the title of this post –

What IS on my bookshelf?

I just finished reading  The  Firm  by John Grisham.  Great, quick read especially for someone like me who is a slow, slow reader.  I brought it skiing and just finished it now.  Told you I was slow.  Anyway, this is my second time through, of course.  Though having three books and a screenplay under my belt since the first reading, I think I appreciate what Grisham creates even more now.

Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz.   Love this book.  However the only book of Koontz that I have read.  Sometimes he teeters on a genre that I really don’t frequent.  But Mr.  Murder continues to wow me and keeps me interested read after read.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  The legacy of the book speaks for itself.  I even referenced passages in a previous work of my own.  That’s how much it stayed with me.

A few years back I reread  The Great Gatsby.  Fitzgerald uses beautiful words and sentences them in even more beautiful ways.  I’m humbled to know I will never write in this manner.  But I accept that.  I’m just not wired that way.  Also, I write for pure entertainment value.  Nothing too deep and impactful.    But there is often purpose in what I write if I must say so myself.

The Power of Positive Thinking  by Norman Vincent Peale  has been read so many times that a rubber band is needed to hold the book together.  God forbid I dropped it when it was loose.  Pages would be everywhere.  I stole the copy from my mother long ago.  She’s fine with it.  Remember, I work retail pharmacy.  The American public sucks every bit of energy and optimize out that I have.  My battery needs to be recharged often.  It’s either that or therapy.  Though some say I need both.

Well that’s how the books on my shelf stack up.  There are more, of course.  I’ll save that for another post down the line.

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