Freeze frame

No, this is not another weather comment.  Though it does best describe the scene out of the kitchen window.  Anyway, … .

It’s about photographs of all things.  I have never been a picture guy.  I don’t take them.  I don’t want to be in them.  Pretty much want nothing to do with them.  But something happened this past week that actually made me appreciate them.  If that is at all possible.  In a fortuitous turn of events, I was included in a wonderful event in a friend’s life.  The detail aren’t important.  Well, they are, but if I even try to explain you will get bored AND I will ramble.  I want neither of these things to happen.  That said… .

I wanted to find a picture of me wearing a certain college baseball cap from, like, over twenty years ago.  Since I liked pictures even less then, I turned to my wife’s stash.  Of which she has quite the collection AND for good reason.  With a worthless, POS like me what other options are there?

I was pessimistic about what I would find, but I feverishly scoured through piles and piles of pictures.  Yes, going to Wal-Mart and getting duplicate prints of  the same pose photographed from  three different angles was a great idea then – note sarcasm.  Now, looking through each duplicate pose was  … tiring, but in doing so  I realized again how damn adorable my kids actually were ( and still are).  Only parents can appreciate this revelation.  With every picture there’s the ‘i remember that’ and ‘wow, that was really fun’ comments running through my mind.

It made me smile.  And thankful for the opportunity to revisit such memories.  Alas, I found what I was looking.  However,  I am determined to continue to go through the remaining piles.  I did only make it through one kid, ya’ know.  Equality with children is key.

Don’t worry, I’ll still pitch a fit come Easter when the request for ‘one more picture’ comes from my father-in-law.  That’s just something that needs to be done.  But this time, I may be a bit more sincere with the ‘forced’ smile.

P.S. – who sang the song mentioned in the title of the post?



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