famous last words – Hollywood edition

I love movies. Moreover, I love going to the movie theater – especially here in Traverse City. The State Theatre and Bijou are amazing venues to view films. Unfortunately, I don’t get out that much. Especially now. Even more unfortunate is the fact that my home theater is anything but.  Nonetheless, it works. I get to watch movies in the comfort of my own home with little distraction.  Other than my wife, that is.

looking elsewhere

For the most part, the movie industry strives  for the proverbial happily ever after. This tendency  often makes some movie  moments more forced than necessary. Still, the final scene is what makes a movie memorable. I’m not a huge Casablanca fan, but even I know ‘the line’ .

say what?

Over the last few weeks, my household, like most, have been watching a-l-o-t of movies. So, in the spirit of Humphrey Bogart’s famous farewell, I wanted to highlight some additional closing lines.  Hollywood style, of course.


nicely said

‘As you wish.’The Princess Bride
These three words defined this movie. Any other ending would’ve been … inconceivable.
‘A little girl.’Overboard (the original version with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell)
I couldn’t think of a more appropriate line to such a delightful movie.
‘It already came true.’Sixteen Candles
Let’s face it – this movie has more than its share of memorable moments and quotable quotes. However, this closing  sentiment … takes the cake. (pun so intended)

stop talking

For as many famous last lines, I can count as many, if not more, ‘what the fuck were they thinking’s’.
She saves him right backPretty Woman
Sorry, but this line is sooo lame. And, forced.  The entire last scene is forced, to be perfectly honest. Fortunately, the rest of the movie makes up for this lapse in screenwriting judgment.
My hero. – What Women Want
I saved the best for last. Or would that be the worst for last. Doesn’t matter. There are much worse ending lines to movies than this. But, at the time this movie was released, Mel Gibson was, well, Mel Gibson – in full Lethal Weapon mode, I might add. So, hearing him say those two words to Helen Hunt were almost as awkward as the close-up of Pierce Brosnan singing in Mamma Mia.

Order up!

There are more examples both good and bad. Hell, some are down right ugly. Me, I want to remain memorable. I know My … Fictionalized Memoir  isn’t a movie. Yet. But when it does get it’s big screen opportunity, I will demand an appropriate last liner.
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