My Favorite Posts 2014

Well,  it’s that time again.  I’m a few weeks off schedule from last year, but some of the more recent posts have been ‘time sensitive’, therefore pushing the scheduled entries back.  Who cares.  For me it’s all fun.  So without any more pretense, on with my selections.

08-13-2013    But We Just Got Here

Will always love Carly Simon who penned this song.  No, I’m not a girl.  A few months back I purchased an aloe vera plant in anticipation of the upcoming beach season – breaking open the leaves remains the best remedy for sunburn.  Unfortunately, the weather is worse this year than 2013.  Once again this IS Northern Michigan.  Expectations need to be constantly adjusted.

09-10-2013     121 TCE

09-25-2013     Intend

Speaking of expectations, … .  When I originally posted these, each entry seemed unfinished  separately.  But I decided that when combined, they are complete.  By the way, I tried to watch the third season of Revenge. Still didn’t do it for me.  I constantly reread parts of  The Power of Positive Thinking.  I work retail – I need all the help I can get.

10-01-2013     Allergies, Aneurysms, and Anxiety

Allergies – yes.  Aneurysms – no thankfully.  Anxiety – what do you think?

10-22-2013     Angry Immunization Rant

Ugh – flu shots – at the corner of give me your damn arm and shut the fuck up.

11-09-2013     Faux Pas

This post was just fun.  My etiquette has not improved over the past year.  In fact, I fart now more than ever.  Also, sat on a pea the other day during dinner.  Luckily nothing stained my shorts.  Though I can’t say the same for those farts.  Gross.

02-06-2014     Bored Games

I think we’ve played more this year than last.  Discovered a new fast paced card game called – Spot it! It’s snappy.

04-01-2014     IBTWYPDB / 04-04-2014     Inquiring Minds …

It’s about the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue AND a picture of Elle MacPherson.  In a bathing suit.  Enough said!

04-16-2014     That random question about an Easter candy staple

Brach’s repeat after me – it’s a jelly bean! Take that ‘differentiation between an every day and seasonal item’ and shove it in your rabbit hole.

05-13-2014    Success

I deserve success.  Everyone does.  I guarantee by My Favorite Posts 2015 success will be my reality.

07-09-2014     I Dreamed A Dream

Haven’t had a repeat that I can recall.  Though my 25th college reunion is this fall at the big, bad University of Iowa – Go Hawks.  So I’m thinkin’  my subconscious mind will go into overdrive. Sounds pretty fun if you ask me.

Well, there they are in all it’s blogging glory.  I’m proud of what I churned out this past year.  Once again, thanks to all who read and/or follow.

May the blog be with you.

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