hair I go again

It’s been  almost 2 years since I posted about my hair raising experience when ‘Barber Fred’ had surgery. In that time, I’ve gone through my share of wanna be coiffure creators. More recently, I’ve even decided to let the ‘fro grow. For the record,  I’m still friends with Jake the bald butcher. Yet, I rarely ask him for advice. Remember, he’s bald. Though, he did recommend a very nice, affordable fish selection last week – Canadian Red Fish.  It was quite good.

Fred’s final farewell

When Fred returned from his medical leave, he changed – he got pissy.  Can you believe he was mad I found a substitute barber in his absence? As if the whole experience wasn’t hair-iffing enough. After that, I was done with Fred. I’m already surrounded by pissy people in several aspects of my life. Why willingly add another? A haircut is a cathartic experience to be enjoyed.  To piss on that is just wrong.

Thankfully, I found  ‘Barber Jeff’ – a basic dude that, like Fred, knows his hair. Interesting fact: Jeff actually cuts my hair the way I ask.  Odd concept, eh? He also encouraged my growth.  I’m talkin’ hair growth, okay. Personal growth is highly overrated.  Something, that just doesn’t work for me.

 Taming of the … mane

At 52, I have a thick, unruly head of hair.  I’m grateful every day for the familial good hair gene. However, with my recent decision, my mane remains untamed. Barber Jeff does NOT believe in thinning shears either. Once, he attempted to explain his reasoning. I stopped him before he even started.  I don’t care that much. For me, though, it’s a problem.  I really don’t want to spend time ‘styling’ my hair. Contrary to what some may think, I’m not that high-maintenance. Therefore, I must deal with my do.

  • baseball caps work great – the IOWA hat is my favorite, of course. I also have a SKI Hawaii hat. Where does one ski in Hawaii? I have no idea.  I just liked the hat.
  • I finally bought a  comb AND a brush. The instruction manual needed to be downloaded, though. (Pause)
  • I cannot do any hair products that are scented.  So, this limits product availability.  And, if there is a hold scale, I need  it firm and strong, baby.  Hmm… .  That’s sounded … questionable.
  • Jeff recommended hair oil. I’m still getting used to it, but it’s very cool.
  • I will never, ever, sport the man bun. I hate those fucking things.  Besides, my hair really doesn’t grow ‘long’, per say.  It defies gravity, growing every which way but down.  Think Whoopie Goldberg hair in the humidity  of Mid-August. On a white male.

parting thought

Considering that my kids  are the pulse of what is hip and trendy, they are hesitant to encourage my new look.  So, who knows.  My hair today could very well be gone tomorrow.

Here I Go Again

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