“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” – The Godfather III


I have been very good about not ranting pharmacy, but something happened recently to change that; at least for now.

Having insurance is a wonderful thing – I get and appreciate that.  But having to deal with insurance is not.  But, hey, ObamaCare will solve all the problems.  Right?

I had a problem processing a child’s prescription. She was a twin – so that has insurance cluster written all over it.  I know this first hand, of course.  The parent called and inquired about the status of the prescription she had been wanting for the last two weeks.  Since the wonderful catch-phrase ‘It’s a known problem and all available resources are working on it’ was no longer applicable, I called the insurance again and got some fucking idiot who had the balls to tell me I needed to ‘contact my software provider’*.  When I told him we didn’t have a software provider, he decided to speak again. “I doubt that because you would’ve had to have created the software for the company yourself and I doubt that’s the case.”

I cursed him numerous times under my breath and demanded to speak with his supervisor.  When the supervisor took over the call she stated that we had the child’s name spelled incorrectly – Sara instead of Sarah for example.  I made the appropriate change and the prescription processed immediately.  She then proceeded to tell me the man who initially helped me was, in fact, an idiot.  I thanked her, smiled, and called the parent.  “Finally,” the mother exclaimed after she heard her daughter’s name was corrected.  “The insurance has had it wrong for fifteen years.”


*in case you are all wondering, this is a catch phrase used by insurance companies when the person dealing with the situation has no idea how to proceed.

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