I uploaded the newest version of Word Press recently. The silly prompt appeared on my dashboard and I hit the damn thing. Now, my entire work space changed. Ugh!  All I want to do is pen my posts – nothing Pulitzer Prize worthy here, just my Random Nonsense. Instead, I have fucking words like ‘start writing or type/ to choose a block‘. God forbid I accidentally move the mouse around. ‘Writing tools‘ in different shades of gray (no movie reference intended) appear with the slightest cursor movement. Worse of all , they deleted the justify margin option. I’ve ranted before about this anal retentive issue of mine. Justified margins just make me happy. The written word is so much easier to read with clean lines. Even my Skiing Magazine started to justify article margins.

Word Press support was of no help.  Apparently, with all the devices available to read online material, even justified margins appear otherwise. Upload a manuscript file onto the Kindle. Then, you can bitch about formatting issues. Granted, a published work on Kindle is totally different than a Word Press blog. However, both read similarly.

Thankfully, everything I’ve just recounted has no direct impact on the reader. Unless you have margin issues like me. Most importantly, the website appearance remained intact.

That is until I went to go see the Yoda of all that is Blog. It was my only recourse to reclaim my margins. Besides, I was long overdue for a check-up. I had a few adjustments I wanted to add, as well. That Robert C. Bradshaw dude has been all over my altered ego about that damn icon for his latest book A Promise to Love. When I presented that post back in August, I promised to add the link and never did. I was busy dealing with my horrorscope of summer, okay. I apologized – we’re good. The Blogmaster uploaded the link correctly. I would’ve fucked it up somehow. So, there it is in all its glory. Please, please, please just click the damn cover icon and download the book. It really is a great read – a 1949 love story set in Boston that hopeless romantics of all ages will enjoy. And, it will get him off my … back? He’s like this annoying voice in my head that just won’t go away.

What did go away though were my ‘Likes’.  Not that there were ever that many, mind you.  I’m not too worried about it because … . My sucky work space distractions are gone.  Classic Editor is back, baby! 

Other than that, very little needed to be updated. I’m not big on Blog Bling. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about content. Yoda tweaked the delivery. Now, if I could just get that silly timing thing down. 

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the subtle makeover. I will continue to be conscious of my nonsense AND margins. Though don’t expect those words to be too politically correct. Remember, it’s still me.

Thanks for reading!

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