marquee maxims

Okay, okay  maxims  might be pushing it just a bit.  None of the ‘words of wisdom’ included here are proverbs in any way.  The last entry is really good, though.  But, it works for my post title AND gives me the opportunity to comment on the marquee ‘wisdoms’ about town.

Every right implies a responsibility.

What about the right to remain silent?

Granted the majority of the people in such a situation should remain silent, but few probably do.  Fortunately, the only person harmed here is the one doing the talking.  Every other right this ‘wisdom’ applies to suggests a greater societal impact if that responsibility is not embraced.  For example, retail pharmacy customers have a responsibility to be polite.  (Note: sarcastic tone) Maybe they should all just remain silent.  That might actually work for me.

Contentment is the ultimate luxury.

I disagree completely.  Moreover, I struggle with this on a regular basis.  On the one hand, I am the ONLY person I know from college that is still doing the same damn job since graduation.  Twenty-five years ago! Some would argue that IS the embodiment of contentment.  Conversely, I have written three novels – two of which are e-published, a screenplay, and a wonderful short I absolutely love.  And, I will not stop until I AM a New York Times Number One Best Selling Author.  In the meantime, I need to be the income for a single-income family.  I AM a responsible adult.  If I was content, none of my ‘conversley’s’ would have ever precipitated.  Right? Then I would just be an angry pharmacist with nothing to sustain my ranting.  I realize few things sustain ranting, but can I just have this one?  Please?

After rereading what I’ve just written, I wonder if it’s all just bullshit excuses to justify contentment.  Fuck that! Retail pharmacy is NOT luxury.  I AM NOT content.

I feel better now.  Thank you.

Attitude plus aptitude equals altitude.

As far as I’m concerned, attitude plus aptitude usually equals asshole.  Maybe arrogance would be a more politically correct term.  But aren’t the two kinda’ synonymous?  Furthermore, when have I ever been politically correct?  Maybe the author is stretching the metaphorical limits, implying that altitude is … lofty.  Who cares?  By the way, this is the same marquee that once proposed the following inane question – If a fly had no wings would it be called a walk?

Need I say more?

What happens when you get scared ‘half-to-death’ twice?

I think you’d be dead. I can see why this saying ‘died’ off.  Yes, that awful pun WAS intended.

Finally, the last offering as referenced above.  Really, it’s all that.

Don’t grow up – it’s a trap!

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