This might actually be funny.

I haven’t had a vocabulary lesson in a long time. So, I was way overdue.  Besides, this one is totally fun.  And, school is starting.  What better way to usher in the occasion than with an appropriately timed post?

actually – (adverb)

  •  in act or in fact really
  •  in point of fact used to suggest something unexpected
The reason I chose to highlight such a seemingly simple word is because it has become quite the ‘instigator’ in my household.  It’s my children, of course. Only sibling rivalry could generate such commotion.  By the way, I’m enjoying the resulting conundrum more than I should be.  Please don’t out me.
Before I continue, I wanted to apologize for another post inspired by my kids. Family is such a great source for material. Soon two of them will be off to college and I could be floundering for topics. So, I’s takes what I’s can get when I’s can get it.
If one of my children uses the word ‘actually’ in a sentence when referencing a sibling – watch out! It can get ugly very fast.
example: “I can’t believe you just said that. You are actually dumb.
Realize of course, that when the word ‘actually’ is said, it is delivered with a deliberate, yet infinitesimally short pause before and after the word for emphasis. That one, simple adverb hits a nerve, baby. Forget the fact that your younger sibling just called you dumb.  Dumb is nothing when compared to ‘actually’ dumb.
I could go on, but everyone knows how that exchange (term used very loosely) will progress.  Or digress in this case. Lolly, Lolly, Lolly had no idea what her little adverb song created for the social media generation.
See, I told you it would be fun.  Some parental moments need to be shared.
side note: the word ‘really‘ is included in this definition.  I hate the way really has become the metaphorical question, so to speak, when said after a dramatic sentence.  Adults use this way too often. And, usually in the wrong context.
Listen to your children, people! You might actually learn something.  (pauses implied)
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