A Promise to Love

So, remember Robert C. Bradshaw?  He wrote In Your Eyes AND asked that I include the icon over there for his book.  Yeah, well, he wants to ride on my blog strings once again.  Slacker.  Get your own website, dude.  But then we are practically the same person.  Hmm… . That would be kind of redundant. Regardless, I will always be better looking.  And, funnier.  Besides, I’d probs have more followers.

Okay, okay, enough about … me.

Mr. Bradshaw uploaded another title onto Kindle  –  A Promise to Love.

Yes, it’s another love story.  This one is a bit different, though.  It’s targeted for lovelorn folks of ALL ages – even Young Adult readers.  It is clean, man.  I think he felt a bit guilty when he wrote it.  He is Catholic.  That self-inflicted guilt thing gets us all the time. The story is loosely based his wife’s grandmother. I’m thinkin’ he would’ve caught some serious shade if the heroine – Eve Antinozzi – turned out to be some morally shallow harlot.  The main dude, Rennie Chambers, is actually a pharmacist.  Can you believe there is a well written story about a pharmacist? Other than mine, of course.  Imagine that.  Also, It’s historical – 1949 in Beantown (that’s Boston, by the way).


Shit, man.  Robert C. is sure a blog hog. First the book plug; now the musical number.  He insisted it be included.  Apparently, this song ‘inspired’ the pivotal scene in the story. What an egomaniac, eh? I never take up so much … space in one post.  Soon, the icon for that book will be added to MY home page as well.  At least I’ve done my part.   Now do yours – Buy the book. Please? While your at it, tell someone to buy My … Fictionalized Memoir.

 That’s enough Nonsense about sharing blog space and Random ‘identity’ issues. That’s …  A Promise.

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