New and improved?

Whether the entries are is yet to be determined.  But, obviously, the look is way different.  The makeover was long over-do.  Now if I can only do the same for myself.

About the book …

It’s still the primary focus, of course.  Stationary icons have been added to facilitate ease of purchase.  And please PURCHASE.  It’s available at both an  Still workin’ on, but I did hire someone to help upgrade the blog so I may have to contract out for that.  While I’m on the subject of the book, I want to address a few items.  The book has format issues.  I had to upload at least four different versions. So what you see is the best.  Sorry, but it’s really not that cumbersome of an issue. Or so I’m told.

Also, I KNOW THERE ARE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS.   Look, I had two very educated proof readers pour over the text.  As with the format, this is it.   Sorry, you will just have to deal.  I could misspell my name and not even realize it.  If you let what is written entertain you, than nothing else matters.

About the ‘new’ blog …

The essence/direction will remain the same – Random Nonsense.   I like it.  And, like I stated above about the book, there will be plenty of grammatical errors here, too.  Spell check can only do so much.  I am a writer not an editor.  Lastly, I realize none of the foul language is necessary, but we are all adults here.  Besides, there’s really not that much of it.

That’s it.

Oh, yeah, that damn Croton plant has only 1 leaf left.   That’s due for makeover, too!  Actually I’m just going to throw it away.


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