Oh, my gourd!

Well, this past Saturday (Oct 28, 2017) marked the official end of the annual Farmer’s Market.  I’m not that sad, though.  I mean I love the thought of going to the Farmer’s Market, but the actually going part is where my issue arises.  I blame retail.  Trust me, this one is totally legit.  One of those ICD-10 PTSD subcategories caused by years of customer service.  Translation: I hate people and avoid crowds whenever possible.

Also, I went to college at the University of Iowa.  The entire state is practically a farm. In comparison, anything else is kind of a disappointment.  However, Traverse City and the surrounding area do this agricultural thing quite well.  This ‘farm-to-table’ concept is serious shit.  These people know how to farm and like to eat.

brief history:

In July 1806, President Thomas Jefferson bought beef, eggs and assorted vegetables at a Georgetown market. In the first decades of that century, most cities with at least 30,000 people sponsored municipal markets.  After the Industrial age, suppliers of food and other goods gathered to retail their wares  in broader markets.  Trading Posts began the shift toward retailers who sold products other than their own.  The General Store contributed to the rift between supplier and customer even more.  From there, the downward spiral continued to increase the distance from the farm to the table.  That, and the stupid concept of enabling the lazy ass customer.

benefits for communities with farmers’ markets:

  • help maintain important social ties, linking rural and urban populations
  • providing outlets for ‘local’ products, farmers’ markets help create distinction and uniqueness
  • reduced overhead: driving, parking, etc.
  • better variety of foods – seasonal offerings, organic foods, pasture-raised meats, free-range eggs and poultry, etc.
  • a place to meet neighbors, chat
  • a place to enjoy an outdoor walk while getting needed groceries

Evidence seems to show that overall prices at a typical Farmers’ Market are lower than prices at a supermarket.

Jimmy goes to the ‘Market’

here’s my beef:
  • the parking fiasco is a fucking disaster – so dumb.
  • ‘fake’ regulars – you know those people who could give two shits about anything other than telling their friends – “we did the market”.  These are the majority of the people Jimmy interviewed.
  • dogs DON’T belong at a Farmer’s Market.  Hell, even friends that are dog lovers agree. Certain people shouldn’t be allowed either, but that’s beside the point.  Unfortunately, it’s THOSE people who bring their dogs.  Then again, half these dogs are medicated.  So, … .  #doggie downers
  • ‘erratic’ walking patterns – stopping, then loitering IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALK WAY without notice.  “Move to the side, Bitch.  Move to the side.”
  • seasonal doesn’t always co-inside with my menu planning.  Translation: I waste a lot.
  • way too touristy – those matching  ‘Traverse City sweatshirts’ are a bit much.  Idiots – go get your damn flu shot instead.  That’s what every other tourist does when visiting.  Or so I’m told.
 about the title:
I think it’s hilarious. And appropriate.  Gourds are a fall staple, ya know.  Besides, I ain’t got nothin’ else.
Happy November!
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