Professional Immaturity

Seymour Weiner, MD is the reason for my ‘professional immaturity’.

Well, it is really my friend/co-workers fault.  I could’ve chosen to rise above it.  But, I didn’t, of course.  No, I contributed to my own delinquency  equally if not more.  I even lassoed others, innocent bystanders that are stronger than myself,  into my ‘altered state’.  It gets me through the day AND makes me giggle.  Yes, I said giggle. Everyone needs to giggle a bit, okay.

I’m referring to making fun of people with awful names that reference, umm, human, uh,   … body parts.  The only reason I can highlight Dr. Weiner is because anyone can open a phone book or internet search and find his name.  There are patients that have more entetaining names than Dr. Seymour Weiner.   Unfortunately, those names cannot be mentioned.

Insert disappointed sigh.

However, the link below was forwarded by none other than my friend/co-worker. It truly makes up for that damn HIPAA restriction.  One more thing,  that stupid Albanian Attacker that hijacked my blog isn’t pictured.  But, he IS the biggest ‘dick’ of all.

In my previous post, I prided myself in accepting fifty.  Though, I never said I was a mature fifty year old.


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