Puck it up

So, this past weekend was the last hurrah, so to speak, for my daughter’s hockey season – a tournament in the frozen tundra that is St. Ignace, MI.  I thought we here in Traverse had I rough.  Wow.  That U.P. is way cold.  Anyway,  it was a great weekend.  The girls did okay.  With a 1 win, 2 loss, 1 tie record they did not make it into the championship game.  However, they did do exceptionally well in the skills competition; a fun addition to the tournament tensions.

I know very little about hockey.  You would think with my Chicago roots, watching the Blackhawks on a regular basis would be a given.  But like I stated in a post a few weeks back – I hate those announcers.  The MUTE button is an option, then I just get bored.  Though I must say, the few games I have watched with my daughter, the announcers have been okay.  We will see.  The play-offs for the NHL are right around the corner.  If my daughter wants me to watch and learn … .  I guess I’ll just ‘puck’ it up and watch some hockey.  The good thing is if she let’s me MUTE, she can be the commentator.


Here’s a link to a game from a few months back.  A dad from the team GoPro’s the games.  The editing is an arduous task, so the latest games aren’t uploaded yet.


By the way we did use MasterCard.  And since I’m still in commercial mode … .

gas:   $3.759/gallon – At 124.5 miles each way, you do the math.

hotel stay:   $241.92

temperature variation:   40  ( -21 low / 19 high)

clogging the hotel toilet three times:   PRICELESS

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