Selling books the Faberge shampoo way

When I first started writing, I longed to hold that book in my hand.   Every project is a culmination of blood, sweat, and tears or better yet, rewrites, rejects and meltdowns.  Considering the state of the publishing industry and receiving enough rejects to wallpaper my house, I decided to self-publish.  Or e-publish.  Yes, that dream of holding that damn book in my hand escaped me, but only momentarily.  Sometime soon that dream will come to fruition.  Don’t get me wrong, e-publishing IS a great opportunity.  More importantly it gets what you’ve written out there.  Which is the purpose.  Though some do, I do not write for vanity reasons.  I actually want people, especially those I don’t know, TO READ MY BOOKS.  Hell, I just did a promo via this whole Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and some 175 units were downloaded.  Granted these were freebees, but the fact remains – 175 people downloaded my book.  Hopefully, they will love it, shower me with five-star reviews and tell everyone they know to buy it.  My life will change – positively, that is – forever.

It can happen, ya’ know.  According to my 2014 annual  horrorscope*, I will rise to rock-star status very soon.   So, be ready. I sure am.

Back to the reason for this post

Recently, I decided to listen to that Robert C. Bradshaw dude and go exclusively with KDP Select.  He may be a bit smarter, but I have the blog.  AND, I’m still better looking.  Anyway, I hesitated for quite some time because I have always loved Barnes and Noble.  When I first started, Barnes and Noble was unbelievably accommodating.  Yes, that was years ago and I have had little contact with the company in recent years.  So when it came time to e-publish, it was only natural to include The Nook.   Then I discovered that KOBO thing I blogged about some 6 months back.  It just seemed right.

Well, sometimes right just doesn’t pay the bills.  Or sell books for that matter.  Upon rethinking the situation and a stupid experience I had with KOBO, I severed the ties and deleted the B & N link on the book cover icon just to the right.  Kudos to those who actually read this and realized ‘something was different’.

The initial sadness wore off when I saw those numbers for that promo day.  Don’t worry there will be a few more.  What I really want is that whole word of mouth thing to happen.  So if those 175 people just tell two friends, then they tell to friends.   Holy shit, you have an iconic 80’s shampoo commercial

*referring to  12-07-2012 post about horoscopes

P.S. – had to include this, too.  Farrah rocks.;_ylt=A0LEV1RhLQ9TpGUAQxFXNyoA;_ylc=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–?gprid=SQ1c31fKRGmp5EMUsuFfAA&pvid=3ToakDk4LjFgt2pnUmGuOgqDNjkuMlMPLWH_.Cqo&p=faberge+farrah+fawcett+shampoo+commercial&fr2=sa-gp&fr=yfp-t-901-1-s

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