Question 2 – still random, but not that burning

I went for my biannual dental cleaning recently.  The hygienist knows me and over the years has come to realize what will transpire during the visit.  It’s like me at the pharmacy. I can predict what each customer will complain about even before the person opens their damn mouth.  Same at the dentist office.  The chart is most likely documented – mint polish, no t.v., doesn’t like to talk.

Perfect – I’m happy.  Granted the hygienist IS probably bored to tears, but … .

Did you notice that last ‘documentation’ – doesn’t like to talk?  I know, I know it may seem very obvious. But really, how can you talk when the hygienist has two hands, a very sharp instrument, AND a suction tube in your mouth?

So, there you have it – my question. 

Note – I love the dental office I go to AND we have a close friend that is a hygienist.  I actually think this particular matter has come up in conversation.  But like all things that are related to why people do what they do – it will remain a stumper.

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